Our mission is to provide a reliable and uninterrupted broadcasting platform for local news and entertainment outlets to all of the Kurdistan Region through the latest technology of the DVBT/T2. We are investing heavily the infrastructure through the 25 + Towers, the best broadcasting and transmission equipment in the industry and are supplying every tower and station with 24/7 power supply and surge protection equipment. We strive to cover all of Kurdistan by the end of 2017.

The high value customer STB package has been developed specifically for Kurdistan to ensure the best reception and protection available. The UMM STB package is equipped with Kurdish language software and encryption protection software. It has a 1 year guarantee.

It is UMM’s mission to ensure that The Kurdistan region has the latest and greatest in broadcasting technology and service. We strive to build symbiotic trust between UMM, The Viewers and the TV Station Clients to ensure that the Kurdistan Region is informed about improvements and developments in the field of broadcasting and entertainment.